Quality is at the core of NEA’s entire production chain. This commitment to ensure our apparel is consistently produced to the highest standards for sustainable lifestyle

Quality Commitment

Quality is the foundation we stand on and this foundation is comprised of two key areas: fabric and craftsmanship.


Sample Development

During the development process, we leverage our immense technical knowledge and material knowhow to continuously iterate on pre-production samples in collaboration with our brand partners prior to bulk production.


The Latest Technologies

We utilize industry leading equipment and collaborate with our machine suppliers to continuously identify ways to improve our construction methods.


Strictly Quality Control

We implement robust quality control procedures throughout our production chain, including rigorous fabric and apparel testing and validated critical manufacturing checkpoints staffed by certified quality assurance teams.


Stable Supplier

We work closely with our mill and trim suppliers to test and validate the material performance prior to sampling and production. We maintain a rapid response system and conduct thorough root cause analysis focusing on quality and performance.


Training System 

We conduct frequent and intensive trainings to enhance our technical skillsets and champion the “right first time” mindset across the product life cycle.


Comfort Workshop 

We ensure workplace safety and environmental comfort at our facilities for our employees – a critical requirement for producing premium quality products.